Good question! Funnybones is a lively, interactive music show for children under five.
Based around a programme of songs, poems and nursery rhymes, we go on a different journey each week. 
Combining actions, numbers, colours, puppets, props, costumes and rather importantly comedy. 
When you first come to Funnybones it may take a while for your little ones to settle in.  It is all part of the learning process!
Some children will be happy to watch, take it all in and then go home and re-enact what they have seen.  Others will want to participate by holding props, helping us find things or playing a character.
Everyone can learn and participate at their own pace.
It’s a fantastic way for children to learn, gain confidence, learn to take turns/ share and develop their sense of humour.
As well as being a trained actor and singer, Rich has many years of experience working with young children.  He brings so much fun and magic to what he does and is always ready for a high elbow (as opposed to a high five). We bump funny bones of course!

Funnybones is like the best kids movies. The children are all entertained, but the parents have a brilliant laugh too. Thank you Rich for making our Thursday mornings so fun!



- Anna Read

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