Here at Funnybones HQ we love to laugh, "loud and long and clear!".

It’s hard not to really when Rich is spotted with a "Peaking Duck", wearing his now world famous in Harpenden Pink Stilettos , or dressed as a farmer singing "Milkshake".

It occurred to me one sunny day, whilst busy making sock puppets and mashing up a nursery rhyme with a classic pop tune that grown ups need a laugh as much as children do!

So...if you combine music (yes he really sings and plays stuff), theatre (we’re fully trained, don’t you know) and a well put together set (takes ages to plan it all) what do you get?

It’s educational, it’s social, it’s really good fun and it's easy on the ear, thankfully...


It's Funnybones!!

Meet The Man, The Myth, The Legend
This is Rich Sexton. He is in fact one of the happiest, funniest people you will ever have the good fortune to meet. You may recognise him from Tick Tock in Harpenden where he honed his skills in working with small children, being awesome, playing the guitar, the piano and the ukulele, annoyingly tapping anything that can make a noise and generally being an all round good egg.
Having two little funny fellows of his own, he has plenty of practice entertaining small children, and bucket loads of empathy! 
He likes drawing, travelling and telling rubbish jokes and thinks that cheese is the work of the devil!


Funnybones is ... fun, friendly and oh so funky!  This is our favourite parent/child activity by miles, and we have tried everything that Harpenden has to offer!


- Hannah Jones

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